About Me

Hello, I’m the founder of TMB Solutions, where we Empower Your Vision with Engineered Solutions. With a journey that began in the lumber yards, transitioned through the halls of Sterling College earning a degree in Applied Mathematics, and led to pivotal roles in marketing and systems management, I’ve cultivated a diverse skill set rooted in integrity, innovation, and an unwavering drive for success.

My professional odyssey saw me juggling advanced calculus and real-life business challenges, a blend that honed my ability to apply high-level logic to tangible, real-world problems. A stint as a Marketing Director post-college saw me weaving unity across a 15-location brand, a testament to my knack for design, communication, and strategic orchestration. At Crawford Outdoor, I transitioned from a Product Specialist to the role of System Director, a journey of evolving responsibilities where my flair for streamlining workflows and deploying efficient systems was not just recognized but became a cornerstone of my professional identity.

The Genesis of TMB Solutions

The entrepreneurial spark has always flickered within me, a silent beckoning that found its voice in the question, “What kind of business?” TMB Solutions is the embodiment of an answer meticulously crafted over years of diverse experiences. It’s a consultancy that’s not just rooted in expertise but is a testament to a journey of learning, adapting, and overcoming.

My Approach & Vision

I approach every challenge with a systematic mindset, dissecting problems to their core and addressing underlying issues with precision. Every client engagement is a partnership, a journey where your business narrative intertwines with my expertise, birthing solutions that are not just tailored but are instrumental in elevating your brand to its pinnacle of potential.

TMB Solutions is on a trajectory of organic growth, a journey where each client, each success story, is a brick in a structure meticulously being erected. The agency is not just a business; it’s a testament to a drive that seeks to elevate, inspire, and transcend the conventional boundaries of consultancy.

F5 for Men

Beyond business consultancy, I’m passionate about the holistic elevation of men. “F5 for Men” is a sanctuary where topics spanning Faith, Family, Finance, Fashion, and Food are not just discussed but are explored with a depth that seeks to refresh and reload the contemporary man. It’s a space where iron sharpens iron, a testament to my belief in collective growth and mutual elevation.

Join the Journey

I invite you to join this journey, a sojourn where your business isn’t just a client but is a partner. Together, we’ll navigate the intricate terrains of growth, innovation, and success. Welcome to TMB Solutions, where your potential is not just recognized but is meticulously nurtured to fruition.